About us

PARSSHAHD KHORASAN started his manufacturing activity in October 2014 to produce fruits puree, tomato paste, different kinds of health drink and KOMBUCHA by obtaining a permission from department of industry, mining & trade. The factory is located in MAZANDARAN province at north of Iran.

Our concern is using garden & natural products of MAZANDARAN area as raw material to manufacture organic and non-organic productions. As one of important reason to select this geographical area, is the existing of garden & natural products by good quality and flavor, and absence of similar production unit in this regards. Based on this condition, we are able to produce goods with specific flavor and taste with organoleptic properties.

PARSSHAHD is specifically manufacturing interface products like fruits puree and tomato paste by organic & non-organic form as raw material for manufacturers which are using them in production of own products that are using by people.

Also our company is manufacturing fruits puree in specific little packages (90gr) for children and/or 1 or 2 kg packed weight form, for using in related guilds like juice shop, coffee shop, restaurant and hotel. PARSSHAHD is using Doypack pouch with spout for family & guild goods.

Our main aim is helping to improve and upgrade correction issue of the community nutrition pattern by manufacturing pure and non-additive products in fruits puree and then organic products in fruits puree and KOMBUCHA as a small member of community health colony.