Fruits puree

Fruits puree is a production from direct process of fresh fruits.
During this process, at first fruits have been washed, peeled, whole waste material has been separated and have been chopped. Then after through a thermal process all existing Enzymes and microorganisms have been destroyed.
Finally packaging & last pasteurization would be done.
This puree is completely pure and has no additives and preservatives and could be kept for a long time, due to pasteurization process.
Regarding to daily demands of human body to get vitamins & minerals from fresh fruits and also often incorrect pattern of fresh fruits consumption mostly by children, puree could be the best alternative as it’s easier to provide and use.
This can be more important as in the diets which contains less iron than daily value needed and will be compensated by puree very well.
The best time to eat puree is as breakfast or snacks.
For children of age’s kindergarten and elementary school, consumption of puree helps their better learning and vitality.

Find some benefits of different purees as below:
Apple puree: A reach source of minerals, vitamins of group B, Pectin and Fiber. Also prevent intestine disorders.
Plum puree: Full of Phosphorus, Copper, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Calcium and vitamins A, K, C. It is also laxative and effective to reduce fever and…….
Carrot puree: Full of vitamin A, Pectin and Fiber.
Banana puree: Full of Potassium, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Iron and kinds of vitamins.
Pineapple puree: A reach source of Antioxidant, contains Potassium & Beta-carotene and help to inflammation reduction & diabetes control.