SALAMAT SANAT MEHR laboratory as a subsidiary of standards bureau, has been established in 2011.

The lab has certification of competency from standard bureau for whole food industries related tests. S.S.M lab is a part of PARSSHAHD KHORASAN Company and has been relocated to its place in the same time of get started P.S.H factory in 2014.

Now, S.S.M lab in addition to cooperation with standards bureau, also has a responsibility of P.S.H Company quality control. In fact as a part of lab operation, could be mentioned to doing related tests for food industries samples which have been transferred by standards bureau and in the same time it has control duty of P.S.H Company manufacturing line , in-production tests , chemical & microbial tests for products.

This kind of operation with special sensitivity is a mandatory action, as P.S.H Company has specific attention to quality of own products.