Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is a product of skinned tomato, free of seeds and approximately with 1.5% added salt, in metal 4 layers doypack. These doypacks have been manufactured in 70gr, 2000gr & 4200gr net weight.

This product has been manufactured in IRAN since 60 years ago till now, with no change. PRASSHAHD Company decided to make two effective changes in the manufacturing process and Presenting canned tomato paste, following modern packaging.

First, due to obtain latest patterns of nutrition, we deleted the salt based on customer request, regarding to respect who can`t use salt. Second is, using a package in a flexible Form, no unwanted harmful changes in the product (due to metal free drum), custom volume and pasteurization capability.

This kind of drum enables you to serve it till the last drop and easy to open.